Monday, 21 March 2011


"Despite the declining nature of our collective spirituality and religiosity, it seems apparent that we are in modern times more than ever ready to reference and celebrate icons of a religious or spiritual nature. This readiness brings an over exposure, inundating us with this imagery which rapidly increases at the rate of the media that spawns it. This vast distribution has lead to these images being viewed in a plethora of places and forms, out of the context within which they were born, detatched from their meaning. These images are instead seen as icons in their own right, devoid of common meaning, instead having imprinted upon them an individual accquired meaning, born of the merging of a collection of ideas and associative experiences of the viewer; the icon is transformed from a symbol of conveyed meaning to one of personal expression.

For this exhibition the idea of personal interpretation of the icon is to be explored in a way to outline the varied forms it takes, the ease with which it does so, and the effect our exposure to it has on shaping and defining our individual understanding of what an image means. Each artist has taken the icon of the Cross, the simpliest yet most recognisable of images known for its ubiquity, and using their individual experience of it, articulate what it means to them."

 Featuring: Clare Whit, Felicity Marshall, Hannah Davis, Jack O'Brien, Jen McColl, Marie-Gabrielle Fabre, Matt King, Sash Zyryaev, Village Folklore.

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