Friday, 26 November 2010

antique trade

A couple of years back i found out my dad (at back) was in Italian vogue with a couple of his dealer friends. My dad has met some interesting characters working in the antique trade, my favourites being:
  1. metal mickey (he was banned from their weekly card game for talking too much)
  2. mirrors (a perve who used to drive around in his mercedes with his shirt buttons undone, and tried to sell me a hair scrunchy with a concealed zip which he said was to "store drugs when your clubbing", i was 11)
  3. edwin (his brother was shot through the body eight times and managed to survive it)
  4. disco dave (no one really knows why)
  5. wrong model (always buys the wrong model of furniture)
  6. bald eagle (apparently he has eagle eyes and a bald head)

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